Chapter 4
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B.I. Albanis S.A. sponsored the “The Future of Selling Consumer Goods - Winning Together in Difficult Times”
At the conference representatives from the largest Greek traders will have the opportunity to exchange views, on common understanding of the impact of the crisis and the latest trends in shopper marketing, private label products, innovation in the retail sector, good practices etc.

B.I. Albanis SA is sponsoring the conference “The Future of Selling Consumer Goods - Winning Together in Difficult Times”, which will be held on Wednesday, March 16, 2011 at the hotel Grande Bretagne. During the Conference participants will have the opportunity to learn about the innovative products and services of the B.I. Albanis S.A.

Dimitrios Vidalis, Sales Director of B.I. Albanis S.A. will participate in the panel of “Shopper Marketing - Cooperation, the role of trade marketing, the contribution of the merchandising, pricing strategies, promotions and offers, shopper insights and segmentation, loyalty programs” and will present innovative products and services of our company using the technology of today and giving a competitive advantage for the future in the business of retail sales.

The conference “The Future of Selling Consumer Goods - Winning Together in Difficult Times” is organized by Boussias Communications and the magazine Self-service.

During the conference, industry's top CEOs, leading the market amid the financial crisis:
  • will seek answers to critical issues of concern for the market, especially in the last period
  • will view the strategic choices that lead to adaptation of new business requirements,
  • will exchange proposals to strengthen cooperation to jointly address problems.
The conference will provide answers to questions such as:
  • How to gain confidence of consumers during crisis?
  • What is the importance of PL for the profitability of supermarkets and what is the response of supplier brands
  • How to strengthen the quality and product safety?
  • What is the Company's Role in promoting healthy living standards and nutrition?
  • How we used new technologies in running the business?
  • Do businesses respond to global issues such as enlisting for CO2 reduction and the use of renewables?
  • What are the sources of growth?
  • Scope for enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises and what is the role of the state?
Thematic Analysis
The following topics will be discussed:

Shopper Marketing
Shoppers and shopper marketing, in pursuit of development. Cooperation (space management, category management, etc.), the role of trade marketing, the contribution of merchandising, pricing, promotions and offers, consumer insights and segmentation, loyalty programs, etc.

Private Label Brands and Supplier Brands
The importance of private label for sales growth of supermarkets and their coexistence with supplier brands. The competition of hard discounters.

The new digital generation of consumers and growth opportunities
The new generation of consumers, their relationship with digital technologies (web, mobile), the differences in consumption patterns, the search for interactive relationships with brands, new communication channels and markets, social media and adapting to new brands requirements, activities that attract young people, building relationships of trust, etc.

Sustainability practices
Green Initiatives for using environmentally friendly materials and technologies, information, saving resources, recycling, etc. Specific applications in power, cooling, packaging materials, raw materials, building materials, industrial production, agricultural and marine production etc. The carbon footprint of products. How do these initiatives affect the relationship with consumers.

The vital area of medium sized chains - conditions for development, cooperation opportunities
The medium sized chains is a valuable ally of suppliers in order to ensure maximum distribution, for special promotions, for small innovations, etc. How brands use medium sized chains? How medium sized chains resist the crisis and how they plan for tomorrow?

Development, cooperation, innovation and business environment
Ensuring a level playing field and development of entrepreneurship (business function, establishing branches, finance, investments). Facilitating openness-exports, expanding operations into new markets. The importance of human resource selection, remuneration, incentives and education, to overcome the crisis. Requests for changes on institutional framework. What the ministry and its agencies doing and not doing what they can do?

Moreover, a seminar
In the afternoon, in an adjacent room Mr Colin Harper presents a seminar deepening on price discounts, trade marketing and sales promotions. Starting with the findings and conclusions of a major research reported in the UK on 30/3/2011. The seminar is highly recommended for Marketing Managers, Brand Managers, Pricing Managers, Trade Marketing Managers, Key Account Managers.
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