Chapter 4
New products and services for 2016
Our Experience gives you "more energy" to your Business
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In-store service identifies and removes unhealthy batteries for increased productivity and reduced costs.
Unhealthy batteries are the leading cause of work stoppages and device maintenance costs. B.I. Albanis introduce the Battery Test & Replace Service to increase productivity and reduce costs.
Rechargeable batteries are critical to your mobile operations. Unfortunately, these batteries don’t last forever. Unhealthy batteries are uncontrolled assets that are costing you significant...
Service from the Start with Comprehensive Coverage Experience a new standard of service with an enhanced level of coverage from the first day of your hardware purchase. Service from the Start with Comprehensive Coverage extends normal wear and tear repair coverage to include accidental breakage of cracked plastics, broken screens, keypads and more. Comprehensive Coverage is built right in to your Service from the Start contract for the MC1000, MC17XX, MC3000 Family, MC35, MC50, MC70, MC75, and the MC9000 Series — providing...
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