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Security Assessment
(Motorola Security Assessment Service)
A Motorola Security Assessment serves as the foundation for a comprehensive network security plan. We help you prepare and plan for real-world security threats and achieve the level of network security necessary for accomplishing your business mission and objectives. With experience across a wide range of industries, technologies and network architectures, Motorola's highly qualified team of certified security engineers performs pre-assessment coordination, on-site assessment, and post-assessment analysis. Features… Identification of current vulnerabilities Puts your network into perspective, weighs known and emerging security threats, recommends remedial actions Benchmarks Establishes baseline for your security program against industry best practices Security Roadmap Provides action plan ranked by priority Policy Assessment Ensures that security policies and procedures are appropriate for your business mission Risk Management Prioritizes risks and vulnerabilities to prevent under- or over-protection Incident response planning Ensures rapid return to normal operations following a security incident Wireless LAN Security Protects against unauthorized use of network and validates RF coverage and leakage Highly Qualified, Credentialed Consultants Offer more than a century of combined experience across all markets, technologies, and network architectures Documented Security Assessment Reports and Presentation Documented security recommendations based on review and assessment of your security policies and procedures and potential business impact of identified vulnerabilities Together with Motorola's Enterprise IT Security Monitoring Service, you can continue to protect the availability and confidentiality of critical network resources. Contact B. I. ALBANIS S.A. for more information.
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